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Our range of windows include:Open window

  • Upvc windows, (energy A rated as standard)
  • Sliding sash windows
  • Aluminium windows
  • Timber windows


Some of the benefits of ‘A’ Rated PVCu windows are:

  • Reduced cost of heating bills
  • Helping the environment with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Your homes security is improved
  • Sound insulation is improved
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Reduced condensation with improved ventilation
  • The value of your home will increase
  • The appearance/character of your home will be improved


How Will My Heating Bills Be Reduced?

Upgrading your windows from single glazed units to modern ‘A’ Rated PVCu units will help to reduce the loss of heat through your windows by a staggering 70% compared to a single glazed unit or 50% if you have inefficient early double glazing.


Why Is Double Glazing Good For The Environment?Window cross-cut

Double glazed windows ensure the heat is trapped inside your home for longer meaning lower settings on your thermostat or reduced running times. This leads to your daily carbon emissions being reduced and a smaller carbon footprint.

The Energy Saving Trust claims that if all windows in an average family home (3 bedroom, semi-detached house) were to be replaced with ‘A Rated windows then you would save more than 680kg of CO₂ throughout the year.


How Will My New Windows Improve The Security Of My Home?

Modern double glazing is harder to break in to which is a deterrent for opportunist burglars as it also prevents them from quickly entering and exiting your home.

Our window frames have numerous additional security features such as multi-point locking mechanisms, friction hinges, dog bolts and security glazing clips. We also put glazing beads on the inside of the window, which makes it even more difficult for an intruder to gain entry into your home.


Why Will My Noise Pollution Be Reduced?

Double glazing is insulating which also contributes towards the reduction of outside noise being heard in your home. This is great if you live in the centre of a city or on a busy road.


How Does Our Double Glazing Help To Reduce Condensation?

Condensation produced on a window is affected by three factors

  • Insulation
  • Heat
  • Ventilation

Increasing a rooms insulation by installing one of our ‘A’ Rated windows is a great start to reducing the condensation on your windows. Trickle vents can also be fitted which will help to ensure that room benefits from the chosen amount of ventilation.


How Will Installing Double Glazing Contribute To The Value Of My Home?

Homes with double glazing are seen to be more desirable to potential buyers. If you choose the option of installing modern ‘A’ Rated double glazed windows, you will receive a 10-year guarantee.

The benefits of installing double glazing are seen by many to outweigh the initial costs of the installation. Our double glazed windows offer long term saving on heating and fuel bills giving our customers peace of mind.